In English

The Association for Education, Musical Instruments and Musical Production

A non-governmental, non-profit Project

Who we are

A non-profit organisation whose goal it is to support the development in the following fields: musical education_musical instruments_musical production

What we do

Arranging contacts between people interested in a musical field, organizing events, providing professional services and supporting the development in the musical fields.

We cooperate with cultural institutions, schools, the public sector, artists, manufacturers and companies. The funding for our projects comes from the proceeds from provided services, donors, funds, foundations, the public sector and private companies.

What we offer

Arranging contacts, professional assistance, event and workshop management, professional counselling, conducting of art and organizational projects...

What are we looking for

Partners, co-operators, colleagues, institutions and companies, who would want to join us, support us with active or passive cooperation, subscribe to our services, offer material aid or simply their interest and friendship.

Our history

The RaJ project started in 1992. Initially, 500 jazz youth-aimed concerts have been organized called „Bavíme se jazzem a o jazzu“ ("Entertainment with and about jazz"). As a TV-Programme, the series had about 25.000 viewers. The concerts were followed by a series of lectures, workshops and competitions in the Czech republic as well as in Central Europe.

The RaJ Competition

RaJ Services

Technical expertise on musical instruments

Lessons in musical instrument play

Suggestions for musical arrangements in schools

Suggestions for acoustic arrangements

Musical instrument design

Production of specialized texts

RaJ events

Events for teachers

Events for pensioners



Public concerts

Events for schools

Custom-made cultural events